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They haven't taken the lands of American Indians, Mexicans, Filipinos, Puerto Ricans, etc., but they are bad nevertheless.I agree that generalizing about an entire nation of men is acceptable where there is a basis founded on objective facts that support the conclusions drawn therefrom. History that clearly shows a criminality that might be something that is inherited and not learned.Some people argue that stereotypes based on preconceived notions based on television shows or individualized personal experiences are inherently flawed.I disagree, as is evident by my agreement with all those comments vilifying people like me (I am a Honduran Man).While some people criticize those that argue that it is better to stay away from Honduran men because they will steal from you, I believe that they are correct.Those that argue that the real people to worry about are those that enslaved their fellow man, subjugated others based on their religion, committed genocide in furtherance of ideologies based on hate, are just plain wrong.

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About the controlling part, I'm starting to see that in my boyfriend and I've heard the same thing that Honduran men are extremely controlling. I didn't post what i did a few months ago to be mean-spirited--I did it out of concern for the people who can potentially get taken advantage of by these types---all i said is, and i will say it again---proceed slowly and be careful.I've been taken sexually and financially by latinos , usually sexually, more times than i care to count....central american is a culture of "take" not respect....most latino men look at an american woman as a FINANCIAL OR SEXUAL OPPORTUNITY along with any true feelings they may have for you...ready to give, give, give---because they are geared up to take, take, take--in one way or another---this is not written in the spirit of racism but rather in the spirit of women looking out for women...we all need to do more of that for one another.

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